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How Does a Heart Attack Happen?

How to solve Physics Problems in NEET

How to solve Physics Problems in NEET

In this article, we are sharing the most important things required while solving any numerical based problem.
As we know, Physics has always been considered to be the most complicated subject. Physics, especially for NEET requires a very keen conceptual approach along with basic theoretical knowledge to the problems. Moreover, there are many derivations and Formulas which requires a good level of Mathematical approach to get to the final result or answers.
In order to crack the questions and scoring good marks in physics, a proper strategy and planning are required. In this article, we emphasize that how the student should ride the ladder from the basic Physics to the Complex topics which will be useful from the examinations point of view!!

1. Stay Calm, No need to Panic
I know it would be easy in words but it's tough to follow. Usually, when we face a question, our mind automatically create a certain framework that whether it is a tough question or an easy one. But hold on, the moment you put a tag to a question that it is a difficult one, then I'm quite sure you would not be able to solve it, even though it won't be that difficult. This state of mind does more harm than help you. It acts as a trigger to rush down negativity in your entire blood!!
That’s the time where you need to act smart and stay calm. Take a deep breath and then just go on!!
Try to apply the basic approach to that particular problem as there are many questions which are easy but asked in a tricky manner due to which students get confused. If you know all the important formula and rest basic tricks then, surely you will get the answer. The main strategy here is that you just have to stay calm and be composed all the time while doing numerical, recall the concept and formulas, apply them confidently and gradually will lead to the perfect answer!!
2. Identify the topic of the problem.
What exactly is the question saying and what they want in the answer is also an important aspect in the section of physics. Whether the question is about wave optics or Ray optics? Figure out the context first. There is no need to understand all the textual part in the question if it’s a simple numerical. Read the entire problem with focusing on the main points and parallel you should start the question with a very basic approach.
3. Read the Question Properly
By identifying the problem, you now know what exactly the question is all about. Many times, the students read the question once and start directly putting the formula due to which they miss the important content that could be a major aspect of that particular problem. The students are advised to read the question more than one time as it will be beneficial to reach the exact correct answer.
There are many problems in which the statement like “Car is starting from the rest” The initial time will be zero in that case and the initial velocity will also be zero!
4. Organize the Information
Theoretically, a problem contains a lot of words which are sometimes irrelevant to the questions but also in many cases you get to know the effect of that word in the problem later. Just For example, if the question says “ A bus that starts moving from rest and takes 7 min to reach a speed of 25 km/hr, then you should surely note down the basic variable quantities like:
Initial velocity(u) = 0 km/hr
Time(final) = 7 min
Final Velocity(v) = 25 km/hr
Acceleration (a) = ?
This problem does not require any extra approach. All you need is to focus on the important points and make a linear equation using Laws of Motion which will be easy for you to solve.
5. Make a proper figure for the Problem
Preparing a proper figure for the question in Physics reduces half of the difficulty of any problem. All you need is to make a rough layout and keep drawing as the question says. If the question is from Force, Mechanics, Gravitation then you need to just resolve the force acting in its Sine and Cosine resolves.
You don't need to be in good in drawing but should draw a neat diagram and keep on solving as the question says.
6. Units and Dimension
The units and dimensions are the bases of any Answer or the Variable. The questions in NEET and all Other Exams consist of problems where the entire information is given in the different units and the answer is asked in some other specific units.
The easiest way is to learn the conversions. Also, always figure out the units of the questions. Sometimes, in question the units are given in MKS system and answer is asked in SI. So make sure you are able to figure this out.
If we continue our last example where time was 7 min then we can convert it in Hour by dividing it by 60 min.
7. Formula Should be right!
If you are in confusion, write down all the related formulas in front of you and then by using variables given in questions, you can easily deduce which particular formula to be used. I would suggest you write down the formulas in the blank area rather than on the question as it's prohibited.
8. Solve
Using the above formulas, solve the entire questions. If there are more than one equations then you should solve it simultaneously. Also, try not to do excessive calculations and making a normal solution complex.
9. Match your Answer
After doing the solution, match your final result to the answer given in the option. Many times there are many answers approximately closer to the resulting value of the final answer so in such case we should choose the nearest value to that particular result.
10. Practice as much as you can
For scoring good in the entire section of Physics you need to practice as many questions you can.

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How to prepare for NEET 2018 in One Year: Tips and Tricks for Dropper!

How to prepare for NEET 2018 in One Year: Tips and Tricks for Dropper!

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the toughest competitive medical tests for students who wish to pursue medical courses, MBBS and BDS (dental course). The number of attempts allowed to any aspirant appearing for NEET is limited to three and consequently, the pressure to score well in NEET increases with each failing attempt. Thus, it becomes very important to prepare for NEET properly in order to crack it. In this article, you will learn how to prepare for NEET 2018 in One year from a Dropper, Russaal Singh Mann (AIR 60, NEET 2017 and AIR 139, AIIMS 2017). He understood the challenge of being a dropper and with immense hard work and focus was able to excel in all Medical Entrance Exam with flying colors. He has shared some very valuable tips and tricks from his dropping year.

Don't give up:
It doesn't matter if you qualified last year, or what your marks were. These things don't matter at all as soon as you have decided that you will study really hard this time and are highly motivated to get your desired college. I agree that it may require an insane amount of hard work and focus but if you are determined, you can get top 10 rank this time regardless of your last year's performance. I got AIR 3436 in the year 2016 and got Goa Medical College, but my goal was always Delhi. So I left the college under heavy criticism from teachers, friends and lot of other people.

They say that a dropper usually doesn’t make it in the top 100 and those who do its sheer out of luck. Don’t listen to them.

Be Proud:
Take pride in being a dropper because you have decided to make yourself successful whereas others have given up already and are studying things they hate. It may take 1 year, 2 years or even 3 but as long as you get to fulfill your dream it's worth the risk, the time and the effort.

Accept the Challenge:
Taking a drop is nothing to be ashamed of but whether you succeed or not depends on you and no one else. You can have the best coaching, the best teachers, the best notes, but if you don't put in the hours, it is worthless. Every year there are people who have more privileges as compared to others. Yes, I m talking about those who are children of Doctors and those who have lot of money to get them to the best coaching, but where is your competitive edge? It’s for you to muster it up and out-think them, out-smart them, out-work them. But I won’t be out-worked. You must be willing to challenge yourself by putting yourself in the perpetual state of discomfort.

Stay Motivated:
I want to ask you one question: What do you want to be remembered for? I hope you want to be remembered as a grinder who fights his/her way through all the problems and negativity. Do not give up on yours goals and your dreams. Wake up early and stay up late. Stay focused and try to finish every single goal every single day. Nobody can give you the effort that you need. Nobody can tell you when you are successful. You know when you are successful.

Join a Test Series:
Joining a test Series is a great way to stick to the right path and evaluate your performance. Don’t forget one thing - some say that if you don't score well in the mock tests, you may not get a top rank, which is completely untrue. I used to get only around 500+ marks in these tests whereas there were students in my batch who used to get 650+. I personally believe, that the difficulty level of these tests is too high and may sometimes mislead the aspirant and make them depressed. I’ll urge candidates to think of these test as guidelines.
If you are scoring 480+ then all is well, just study regularly and the you will be surprised by your final result like I was.
The other thing that I would like to clarify about the test series is that I see students joining 3-4 test series having different syllabus at different periods of times which makes it difficult for the student to focus on one chapter. So I will suggest that join only one test series and follow it religiously.

In my case I joined Mediczy, and focused on only simple tests, My friends used to top the test series with 650+ marks and I was a student who used to get around 500+ marks only.The purpose of NEET and AIIMS is that even a child from a village who can only afford to have NCERT can become a doctor. For the same reason, these exams are much easier and comparatively less calculative. Even in AIIMS the physics questions were easy. I found that some of them were just copied and pasted from NCERT and NCERT exemplar. People from very humble backgrounds have top 100 rank just by Self Study. So, I think if you have determination and motivation you too can get the top rank.
Stick to the routine:
About my routine, the classes for boys were in the afternoon. So, from a day bird, I had to become a night owl. I used to wake up around 11:30-12:00 am and then quickly used to go to attend physics/ chemistry lectures in the afternoon and after coming back, I used to study till 6 am in the morning. I am glad that I never used to study continuously and instead take a lot of short breaks in between. I wasn’t a topper but anyone can get top 100 rank if he/she sticks to the syllabus and studies continuously everyday. In my case, apart from sleeping and eating, the rest of my time was only devoted to studies for this one year duration.

Join a Coaching Institute:
Teachers in coaching institutes will help you a lot. They will tell you the ways to remember things. They will tell you to solve paper faster, solve physics problems faster. You can’t do that by seeing any youtube videos or self-study.I took a drop at ALLEN Kota for a simple reason that they were giving 90% off to students who had scored under 3500 rank in NEET 2016. Mediczy Providing Online Training individually and something Good for Home preparation.

Set your Priorities:
I was serious about AIIMS in 11 and 12 but while during my Drop Year, my focus completely shifted towards NEET because MBBS degree doesn’t have much value now. It has been observed that a PG degree is a must if one wants to excel in this field. So I totally gave my attention to NEET and focused myself on getting a college in Delhi so that I can avail 50% reservation during PG.

NEET 2018 Preparation

Do you Know Answer for this questions?
Question 1
The inherent maximum capacity of an organism to reproduce or increase in number is called as
A biotic potential
B ecosystem
C population
D ecology
Question 2
The greatest threat to genetic diversity in agricultural crops is
A extensive use of insecticides and pesticides
B extensive mixed cropping
C introduction of high yielding varieties
D extensive use of fertilizers
Question 3
If the high altitudes, birds become rare, the plants likely to disappear are
A Pinus
B Orchids
C Oak
D Rhododendrons
Question 4
Assertion: All resources are not exhaustible
Reason: Renewable resources can become non-renewable.
A Both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is correct the explanation of Assertion
B Both Assertion and Reason are true, but Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion
C Assertion is true, but Reason is false
D Assertion is false, but Reason is true
Question 5
Bulliform cells differ from other cells in being
A Large, thin walled, vacuolated containing water
B Large, thick walled, contain abundant chloroplasts
C Small, thick-walled, contain starch
D Small, thin-walled, contain calcium oxalate
Question 6
Collenchyma produces
A Epidermis
B Hypodermis
C Inner cortex
D Phloem
Question 7
Lenticels are
A Scars on old stems
B Special stomata
C Aerating pores in bark
D Special stomata on hydrophytic plants
Question 8
A dicot root shows
A Large pith
B Reduced or no pith
C Endarch xylem
D Conjoint bundles
Question 9
In Cucurbita stem, the hypodermis is collenchymatous and is confined below the ridged. It is followed by parenchymatous cortex. The number of parenchyma layers in the later is
A almost the same throughout
B more below the ridged and less below the furrows
C less below the ridged and more below the furrows
D almost negligible below the furrows
Question 10
If there is a leaf at a node bearing a single branch in its axil, a transverse section of the node shows the vascular system of the main stem, then the
A Leaf trace, leaf gap, branch trace and finally the branch gap
B Branch gap, branch trace, leaf gap and finally the leaf trace
C Branch gap, leaf gap, leaf trace and finally the branch trace
D Branch trace, leaf gap, branch gap and finally the leaf trace
Do you Know Answer for this questions?

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Benefits of Preparing Online for NEET Exam

Benefits of Preparing Online for NEET Exam

As the time is moving into digitization, e-learning is the next generation where students these days can prepare online for NEET Exam. In this article, we are sharing the importance of preparing Online for NEET Exam.
Are you preparing for some Medical entrance examination and cannot attend heavily monetized coachings? Then the solution to you and thousands of others facing similar problem can be to prepare online for examinations. The age of digitalization through the internet has empowered us, enabling us to save time, minimum effort-maximum output, with increased efficiency. Just click on the mouse vis-a-vis internet and get access to the detailed syllabus, study material, admission updates, question banks, practice papers etc.
Online Examinations have become famous in the contemporary. Sitting in front of the computer, and clicking options have become popularized than slogging it out physically roaming coaching classes for materials, and scrutinizing the newspapers’ and dossiers for results and scores earned.
Technology and its impact on us are adamant, and the way we have become dependent on computers and the internet is infallible.  You can also have access to practice tests online. More commonly known as mock tests, these examinations are primarily conducted to assess the preparedness of the aspirants and are present on World Wide Web.
The advantages of preparing for entrance examinations online are:-
  • Cost effective

Do you know lodging and fooding in a coaching institute of a big city may alone cost over One lakh? Through online study material accessibility, without joining to regular classes, you can prepare well for the exam. Thus online examination sites have made exam preparation cost effective.
Also, the registration for any such online content is generally free or for a very minimal cost, that is way better than the exorbitant amounts of money the traditional coaching classes demand.
  • Time management according to your own pace

Aman can understand in lesser time than Vineet. Like them, many find difficulty in moving with the pace of teachers teaching in premier coaching institutes. Online Study centers save you in this. This way your schedule stays intact while you prepare at your own pace. You can allow any day to any topic at any time and can review it according to your schedule! This is called as speeding in your own way!
They also save the trouble of commuting to and from the practical center. You can take these lessons from the comfort of your home. Most online study classes are scheduled according to your convenience
  • The easy accessibility to Study Material and Choices

A throwback to the days of traditional bulky material and tiring classes!
Kuldeep has prepared well for his NEET exam. But somehow, Genetics of Biology section has been playing tricks with him. No matter how much he tried to finish it within time, the coaching classes ended up. Now, will he join a batch and wait till the topic is introduced again?
But Guess What? This is not necessarily with online preparations. You are free to access any module, any subject, anytime at your own pace!
Why not this for entire syllabus then? Thus online preparation makes it easier to access study material at just one click anywhere, anytime within any proportion of your preparing time!
Due to the cut-throat competition out there among online coaching materials, students can easily shift between options and pick and choose which is best suited for their requirements.
  • No Barrier in Earning Knowledge at your doorstep

You can connect with top institutions of India for competitive exam preparation anywhere. The internet has flunked the gap of learners and educators. Everyone can now prepare for competition exams well. You don’t need to move to a big city for joining an institute. This is a positive outcome of online competition institutes.
  • Practice Sets and their quicker feedback

Regular classes might not provide as much as practice sets that online institutions can. The thing has been observed many times. Experts provide probable questions practice sets and conduct online tests. It gives the feeling of live exam experience and gives the opportunity to judge you. Group online tests can be given by youth who are interested in judging their skills. Participating in an online practice test gives them an exact idea of how much preparation they need to do.
When students are provided with feedback right after they finish the practice set, the following things happen: They do not have to wait with fingers crossed and minds constantly drifting to the impending result. It gives them ample time to identify the gaps in their preparation and rectify those.
  • Valuable Guidelines and mentorship awarded

Even though there are certain myths clouding the idea, online preparation has the potential to take learning to newer heights of excellence through mentors. Mentors are highly professionalized students or teachers, who will listen to your while your preparation throughout. Whether you are interested in getting guidance in a group or individual, both facilities are offered by professional online exam preparation institutes. Flexible time is arranged for discussion and problem-solving. Highly trained staff provides valuable guidelines.
  • The user-friendly presentation that includes complimenting data by info graphics help in consistency

When a teacher comes, he takes the time to settle, represents his own way (to your liking or not) and may only teach with the aid of Boards and Marker. Here comes the main role of online preparedness. They provide a clear demonstration of the actual class topic and the content in a lucid audio visual way so that the candidates are accustomed to all the aspects. You can take a pause anywhere according to your ease and start again sitting right at your table!
  • Ease developed for many online examinations

The time has come when everything is becoming online. Since many competitive exams like NEET, have also become online, practicing over the internet can only make the student well-versed with the various nuances and can also help in instilling confidence when a candidate appears for the actual examination. Time management and being accustomed to online test giving can be the decisive factors in online exam centers while taking exams. Online preparation hits well over the problems. Not only you are trained to prepare in that way, but also gets an aid over others who prepared offline.

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The Importance of eLearning

                                The Importance of e-Learning  

With the current trend of the world going digital, electronic renaissance is a new movement that is welcomed by the new generation as it helps makes the lives of millions of people easier and convenient. Along with this rapidly changing movement and gaining popularity of Internet, e-Learning is a new tool that emerging in the market to deliver education. Today, e-Learning has become the greatest revolution in contemporary education, where millions of students are opting online learning as one of the best educational open doors.
Evolved with an aim to create a new environment on learning, e-Learning has broken the traditional way of study or education. Today, it has gained popularity among millions of people due to its beneficial facts. Below are the top benefits of e-Learning.
Flexibility: Unlike the traditional classroom education, e-Learning offers immense flexibility and suitability in terms of time and location. Simply, learner enjoyed most flexibility, where e-Learning course or online learning method can adjust as per his or her timings. On the other hand, the technological medium makes it more favorable in terms of resources as it available from anywhere and at any time. e-Learning courses are by and large composed in such a way, where the learner can utilize education for its benefit.
Cost Effective: One of the reasons behind the popularity of e-Learning is due to its nature of cost effective learning. Today, we as a whole acknowledge that e-Learning is turning into the better option of learning as it increases effectiveness and reduces the cost associated with traditional training. In fact, e-learning comes under the “Reduced Cost, Increased Effectiveness” Quadrant. The flexible alternative of traditional learning, e-Learning is a viable solution for business as well.
Mobile Method: It is one of the most convenient ways of learning as e-Learning can take place on technology including, laptops, tablets, and phones etc. Simply, it means you can continue the courses or classes without any disruption due to traveling from one place to another and so on. In fact, the whole world can now be your classroom, whenever you want.
High Retention Rate: Some people often say that e-Learning has a higher degree of consistency or stronger grasp on the subject or topic is due to the fact that, e-Learning are combined with the elements that can easily reinforce. Truth be told, it has the ability to go back or revisit and refresh or replay all the memory be it video, audio, interaction, etc. whenever at wherever according to the necessity.