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Myths and Reality about Mental Illness ?

Mental Illness is a commonly occurring disease may be found common among all of us. There is a difference between normal stress and deep stress . Normal stress that everyone would have come across in everyday life at some point . During a busy work schedule , loss of happiness , loss of appetite but these stress occurs when external factor burden us . But , deep stress is once you are facing that stress and not able to overcome it , at such point every one of us may be affected with Mental illness .

Myths and facts of Mental Illness

Myths About Mental illness :

Myth : Children are not affected to Mental Illness

Reality : Children between 3-7 may be affected to mental illness . Some of the disorders that children experience : Autism , ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder . These mental health problems are often clinically diagnosable, and can be a product of the interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors. Every mental health problems requires proper medications , treatments and talk therapy . All the above parents care to the Child is at most significant.

Myth : People with Mental Problems are violent or unpredictable

Reality : Majority of the people with mental illness are not violent may be we can say 3-5% of the people suffer with mental illness behave violently but most of the victim will lead a normal Life as the other or even more productive and active than others . You won't know a person really has mental illness within your surroundings because it is that person who will perform extraordinarily super than others such as at work such type of person would be hyperactive.

Myth : Mental Illness is not Inheritable

Reality : Mental illness can be inherited from Ancestors . If in a family any of the person has suffered or suffering from mental illness their next generation people may likely to be affected with mental disorder. So , stress can be a genetic problem too.

These are some types of mental disorder that are genetically inherited :

Bipolar Disorder
Major Depression

Myth : People Don't recover from Mental Illness 

Reality : People can and do recover from Mental disorder . Depending on the level of self support , external support , treatment , medications and therapy it could be completely cured. Even when people feel any complications with other support you could completely get relief from mental disorder.

Myth : Everyone gets depressed when they grow older . It's because of ageing

Reality : Many of us think only because I have grown older , I feel depressed . But in depth if you see , it could be also a mental disorder . Older adults may have a greater risk of depression because they experience so many changes in roles and social networks . If an older adult experiences depression, they need the same support as anyone else.

Myth : Therapy and self-help are a waste of time. Why bother when you can just take a pill?

Reality : Most of us think therapy , treatment is a waste of time . But only through talk therapy you could somehow manage to overcome such problems . Psychiatrist specialist would give a prescribed list of pills to take on a regular basis . Following and keeping touch with those specialist , your problem would completely vanish.

Myth : People who experience mental illnesses are weak and can’t handle stress.

Reality : Stress Management be better managed by people with mental illness . People who experience mental illnesses may actually be better at managing stress than people who haven’t experienced mental illnesses. Many people say those who don't manage stress and possess lack of problem solving skills are more prone to have Mental illness . People who really taking care on their own , ask for help on how to solve a problem and clears their doubt are truly stepping out from mental stress.

Myth : People with Mental Illness can't Work

Reality : It is really a false perspective that a Mental disorder people can't work . Some people manage to work with a support from colleagues . Most people try to face systemic barriers to finding and keeping meaningful employment.

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Schizophrenia is not a single disorder and is it a combination of mental disorder

Schizophrenia is a type of mental disorder that affects the ability of people to think , feel , far away from the reality . Schizophrenia is not inherited from one , it is a eight separate genetic disorder into combination of clusters . This type of disorder is not one disorder , it's a combination of different disorder.

Getting diagnosis for schizophrenia may be devastating but recovery is possible with the proper diagnosis , treatment and medications . You can then lead a normal life , think clearly , face reality and lead a meaningful life .

Unlike all other mental disorders symptoms are quite different and difficult to analyse .


Symptoms can be categorized in three types :

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Cognitive Thinking

Schizophrenia can be affected in people between 16- 30 ages . Very rarely Children may load with this mental disorder.

Positive : Positive symptoms and signs are related to loosing the touch with reality . It is not found in healthy people .

Symptoms Include :

  • Hallucinations

  • Delusions        

  • Thought disorders (unusual or dysfunctional ways of thinking)    

  • Movement disorders (agitated body movements)    
Negative : Negative Symptoms are associated with normal emotions and behaviours.

  • Reduced facial Expressions

  • Reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life    
  • Difficulty beginning and sustaining activities    
  • Reduced speaking    
Cognitive symptoms : This symptoms level is low in some people and severe in some people .

Some Symptoms Include :

  • Poor     “executive functioning” (the ability to understand information and use it to make decisions)    
  • Trouble focusing or paying attention    
  • Problems with “working memory” (the ability to use information immediately after learning it)    

How Schizophrenia can be diagnosed ?

Schizophrenia treatment involves the combination of both medication and Self support from relatives and friends . In addition it requires proper therapy .

Encouraging facts about schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is treatable : It is treatable but only people who have self support and outside support from family and friends will be able to cure this Disorder . Take right medications and therapy from right Specialist or consultant .

You can enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful life.
With the right treatment, most people with schizophrenia are able to have satisfying relationships, work or pursue other meaningful activities, be part of the community, and enjoy life.

Just because you have schizophrenia doesn’t mean you’ll have to be hospitalized.

If you’re getting the right treatment and sticking to it, you are much less likely to experience a crisis situation that requires hospitalization.

Most people with schizophrenia improve. Many people with schizophrenia regain normal functioning and even become symptom-free. You must have self confidence to hope for the recovery from this mental Disorder .

What advice you must follow to cure from this mental Disorder ?

Communicate with Doctor

Building hopes to recover

Self Confidence

Avoid developing negative thinking that it's not curable.

Here is the list of Tips that you could follow :

Get Involved in treatment

Meet New people

Get Self Support

Get Active

Take Things Easy

Hire a Specialist for the medication and therapy

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Foods High in Iron for Anaemia

Anaemia that occurs due to iron deficiency in the body . Insufficient intake of Iron rich foods leads to Anaemia. Iron deficiency anaemia is the common type of anaemia that can be found in all age groups . This type of anaemia may also cause hypothyroid problem .

Iron Deficiency

If a patient’s diet lacks in iron , then the patient would also be recommended to include high iron foods to overcome Anaemia Problem .

List of Some Foods that are rich with Iron:

Apricot • Asparagus • Baked potato • Barley Beef liver • Beet greens • Beet root •

Broccoli • Cantaloupe • Carrots • Cashews • Chicken liver • Clams • Cooked beans •

Non-GMO Corn • Dates • Eggs • Figs • Grapefruit • Green beans • Green peas • Kale

• Mussels • Oatmeal • Orange • Orange juice • Oysters • Peas • Peanut butter • Prune

juice • Pumpkin • Pumpkin seeds • Raisins • Sardines • Sea vegetables • Shrimp •

Spinach • Sprouts • Strawberries • Sweet potatoes • Tomato • Tomato juice • Tuna •

Turkey • Turnip greens • Watermelon • Whole-grain bread

Some Facts about Iron :

Iron is required for the haemoglobin content in the body . As Haemoglobin content is
essential for proper metabolism in the body , for the haemoglobin production iron is significant content .

Iron will boost liver function in the body .

Increases oxygen supply in the body .

Iron manages the free radicals deposition in the body.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anaemia :

Fatigue : Feel of extreme tiered . Fatigue is the Classic Symptom of Iron Deficiency Anaemia.

Dizziness : Feeling sleepy throughout a day.

Headache : Feeling head pain often.

Cognitive problems : Reduced Memory Function

Abnormal irritability : Experience of haphazard irritation problem .

Cold hands and feet : Hands are always wet and Cold .

Tongue soreness : Feeling of tongue pain .

Itchiness : Feeling itching throughout body

Hair loss : Loss of hair

Poor appetite : Lack of hunger feeling

Tingling sensation : Tingling sensation

Complications :

Lack of iron deficiency may cause weak Immune Systems.

Tachycardia is also a common complication that may arise in severely anaemic people.

The tissues of oxygen may deprives . Due to this heart functions a lot to compensate lack of oxygen . As a result heart gets enlarger and leads to heart failure.

Severe anaemia may result in premature birth, low birth weight, and low cognitive ability in babies.

Iron deficiency may also leads to restless feeling of body .

Pregnant women may also develop postnatal depression .

Anaemic children may suffer from lack of growth and delayed growth and development.

People who are more affected by iron deficiency anaemia :

Women , Children , Vegetarians

Blood building foods to Tackle Anaemia :

Kale : Kale is incredibly rich in chlorophyll (making it a great blood builder), and many other vitamins and minerals like Vitamins K, A, C, and E as well as manganese, calcium, iron and copper. The iron in kale is also essential for healthy blood, keeping us alert and clear-headed.

Figs: Figs are a very mineral dense fruit. They have incredibly high iron content which makes them a great blood builder and useful in cases of anaemia.

Beets : Beet juice is a blood purifier and blood builder and helps in the creation of red blood cells. Beet juice improves blood structure and cures diseases of the circulatory system, large intestine and digestive system

Parsley : Parsley is well known for it’s remarkable blood-cleansing benefits which classify it as a super food. It is incredibly rich in chlorophyll (see above) and vitamin C which is a major anti-inflammatory and helps the body absorb iron.

Spinach : Anaemia occurs when there isn’t enough haemoglobin (an iron-protein compound in red blood cells that transports oxygen) in the blood and there are too few red blood cells. Thus, increasing your iron levels is an important thing to do when you have anaemia or other blood related problems

How to Analyze whether you got Axiety Disorder

What are Anxiety Disorder ?

Everyone might feel anxiety now and then. It’s a normal emotion. Most among us may feel nervous when faced with a problem at work, during examination , or making an important decision.

But Anxiety disorders are much more different. It causes you deep stress that interferes with your ability to lead a normal life.

It is a type of disorder which is known as Anxiety disorder . For people whose worries and fears are constant and overwhelming can be disabling.

But with right treatment with right doctor consultant , many people can manage those feelings and get back to a fulfilling life.

What Are the Types of Anxiety Disorders?

There are several kinds, including:

Panic disorder. Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder . People with this conditions People with this condition have feelings of severe distress of fear .

Often occurs when you are critically panic when facing the world .

Some of the symptoms of panic attack includes sweating, chest pain, palpitations (unusually strong or irregular heartbeats), and a feeling of choking. It can feel like you’re having a heart attack or "going crazy."

Social anxiety disorder.

Social Anxiety disorder is also called as social phobia. Social phobia is a feeling of fear of facing social situation .

This involves overwhelming worry and self-consciousness about everyday social situations.

The worry often centres on a fear of being judged by others, or behaving in a way that might cause embarrassment or lead to ridicule.

Specific phobia : Specific phobia is a fear of height .

These are intense fear of height or flying or dark or any situation .

This type of fear may cause you to avoid common and everyday situation .

Generalized anxiety disorder. This is excessive, unrealistic worry and tension, even if there's little or nothing to provoke the anxiety.

Anxiety disorder

What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders?

It depends on the type of anxiety disorder, but general symptoms include:

  • Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness    
  • Problems sleeping    
  • Cold or sweaty hands or feet    
  • Shortness of breath    
  • Heart palpitations    
  • Not being able to be still and calm    
  • Dry mouth    
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet    
  • Nausea        
  • Muscle tension    
  • Dizziness        

What Are the Causes of Anxiety Disorders?

Exact cause of anxiety disorders are not unknown but can be identified with the effect of symptoms that you face .

The above are some of the symptoms that you may face when you are subjected to anxiety disorder .

But once you consult a right specialist and take up the right medications can get you out from this disorder.

Anxiety disorders are usually caused by an intense fear or abnormal emotions.

Some of the causes may be like nerves that are connecting to the brain get affected and not functioning properly .

Some Studies have shown that brain illnesses, anxiety disorders may be caused by problems in the functioning of brain circuits that regulate fear and other emotions. It may also be caused due to nervous weakness .

Some studied shows loss of memory problems and have changes in certain brain structures that control memories linked with strong emotions.

Moreover studies even tells it may be inherited from ancestors so , if in a family father or mother is affected by anxiety disorder their children might be affected to anxiety disorder , which means that they can at least partly be inherited from one or both parents, similar to the genetic risk for heart disease or cancer.

Moreover, certain environmental factors -- such as a trauma or significant event . Anxiety disorder can also be inherited from parents .

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